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Subah Sadiq Bhai Jan Most of our talented students whose progress reports show them up as future doctors, engineers and scientists surrender at the end of the day being a small shopkeeper or to junior jobs after their matriculation. You can sponsor them to achieve their dreams and help them playing a vital role than a trivial one in the society. You alone or in a group of friends can sponsor a student (Subah Sadiq Rising Star) exclusively who can’t afford the educational expenses. A projected Sponsorship Schedule is as under.

Primary School Student PKR 6,000/year
High School Student PKR 9,600/ year
College Student (Soon Valley) PKR 18,000/ year
College Student (Outside Soon Valley) PKR 30,000/ year
University Student PKR 48,000/ year

Subah Sadiq Dost
We don’t have our own hospitals or doctors but we try to transport the patients in case of emergencies to the city hospital and also try to arrange the medicine for those who can’t buy it. You in such random cases can sponsor their travelling or medicine or part of it. You (Subah Sadiq Dost) can also sponsor those patients who are on a regular treatment.

Subah Sadiq Beta
Those who lose their active working family members by somehow and are left with no source of income are the responsibility of the society. The least we can do is to sponsor their mess. You may join the food support program as Subah Sadiq Beta.


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There are three ways you can help those in need, by either sponsoring someone, or by making a donation you can even help people by volunteering for a cause.


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You can select from a list of programs that fall under our causes to donate or participate in


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You can select a method by which you would like to help out a cause


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