AMN Schools

The face is not an unfamiliar one

The face is not an unfamiliar one. It’s the face of a progressive Pakistani. Securing 22 A grades in A-Level examination, creating a world record and being the youth ambassador of Jang Group are just not enough for him. He has taken the game to a whole new level.

He has initiated a model school by the name of “AMN” (which stands for Ali Moeen Nawazish – Yup, you guessed it right). The model schools focuses on O and A levels, junior schools, nurseries, AMN Islam and a daycare.

Ali told us how the whole academic journey was a wonderful experience. Although the whole process from getting admission up till the final result was quite difficult, yet exploring one self thoroughly was the real achievement. There were times when he fell down, faced countless hurdles and even defeats. But in the end, he’s thankful to the Almighty for such a humbling experience.

When we asked Ali what sort of challenges he faced while establishing AMN, he told us candidly that the “biggest” challenge was waiting for the result (pun intended). Starting anything in Pakistan is not an easy task. As you work your way up, you get to face a lot of difficulties. At first, the SECP pressurizes you. Then you deal with FBR. Moving on, you have to face the music of CDA. The list goes on. In other countries, the government in fact facilitates you in your private ventures, whereas, it’s the complete opposite in Pakistan.

When asked what steps Mr. Nawazish is taking for the uplift of youth in the country, he told us that his first and foremost policy is to advocate quality of education for everyone. Being the youth ambassador, he has continuously tried to bring the youth issues to the fore front. He said that it was very encouraging to note that in the recent elections, all the political parties focused on the education of youth. This is indeed a welcoming change.

So what is AMN all about? Ali explained that he wanted to do this ever since he was in his final year of university. He had been to an Open House in a UK school and there he observed a marked difference, not just in terms of education or facilities, but also the values that they teach.

In his words, “the quality of education we’re providing the youngsters is our actual profit. Whatever we earn through this venture ultimately gets invested back into it. We have a very strong CSR policy and 20% of the students we take in are from below-the-poverty-line families and we fully sponsor them.”

In the end, he advised all the aspiring entrepreneurs not to get mislead by high hopes and expectations. You have to learn to fall down and rise again. It’s never too late to start. Ask questions but don’t be stupid. Have a plan ready and stick to it. The way to go about it is: less thinking and more action!


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