UltraSpectra was founded in January 2009

Don’t Re-invent the Wheel

Don’t Re-invent the Wheel

Graduted in2007, Mr. Zunnurain started his career working for asoftware company. Over a period, he became the team lead. After working for oneand a half year and gaining required experience, he realized that now is thetime he can handle everythinghimself. Thus, UltraSpectra was founded in January 2009.

Franchise Management Solution, Web Developmentand Designing, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Networking, Training,Online PR, Branding, Creating Identity, Crisis Management, ReputationManagement, Business Development, Search Engine Optimization, Search EngineMarketing and Social Media Marketing are some of the unique services he’sproviding

The company’s mission statement is:

“Enablingcustomers to capitalize their passion and profession by providing marketingsolutions while keeping the satisfaction of our audience at top-most priority.”

i. Financial Capital

ii. Time & Effort

I started from zero. Initially I developed allthe programmers myself. All the operations were personally run by me

When asked about how he handles his humanresource, he replied that he hires aspiring students according to specificprojects.

Mr. Zunnurain said that when we deal withcorporate clients, we don’t just simply make them a website or give them socialmedia marketing etc. Instead, we design the company’s strategies. And keepingin mind their targeted goals and aims over a period of time, we facilitate inall those areas through which these goals might be achieved.

His advise to all the graduating students isthat don’t just start a company as soon as you graduate. That is not a wisedecision. Attain experience of at least a year. That way you’ll be able to learnall the tricks of the trade and the required methodologies to work on your newventure. Also you’ll be able to make the necessary corporate linkages andanalyse what aspects of business world needs to be improved. And in time, comeup with new ideas. Try a new challenge. Don’treinvent the wheel!

“Remember,don’t enter the market in hopes of making big money. Enter with the intentionof learning.”



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