The provision of education facilities to poor and underprivileged people is our priority as it is the most powerful device to put a nation on the track of progress.

We at Subah Sadiq have come up to persuade our people to play their role in the process of development of Education. The foundation is formed with an objective of strengthening our youth by motivating them getting their right place in the society and with the provision of education facilities. At the end we wish to see every one of them a professional in I.T, Finance, Medicine or Engineering and a very good human being.
Subah Sadiq has evolved various innovative ways to initiate and to promote voluntary action in rural and slum areas. 
Our current programs include

Student Sponsorship Program

We find out sponsors for the talented and deserving students so that they could have all the resources available to study further and simply make a bridge between a them under this program. We continuously guide the students and keep track of his/her progress and make sure he is performing as per expectations. Sponsors are also informed with the progress of the student and are given an easy access to the beneficiary student, his college and the progress reports.

Talent Hunt Scheme

This is an examination competition on education board standards between the students of the model area, currently Soon Valley, to ascertain a projected number of students in particular grades who will need sponsorship for their higher studies. It helps us chalking out our strategy to reach sponsors and the same helps the students to analyze themselves for the upcoming examination.

Article / Essay Competition

This is an effort to nourish the writing skills of the students as well as collecting the ideas of the students on different issues.


Different seminars are arranged to guide the students on the particular lines such as Career Development Seminars, Seminar on Pakistan history and strategic role of Pakistan in the world and Debate sessions.

  • Evening Coaching Academies.

Evening coaching academy plan looks after the needs of extra attention on the students so that no student is left deprived of opportunities to education.


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There are three ways you can help those in need, by either sponsoring someone, or by making a donation you can even help people by volunteering for a cause.


Select a Program

You can select from a list of programs that fall under our causes to donate or participate in


Selecting a method

You can select a method by which you would like to help out a cause


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"You can achieve the most satisfaction when you are related to some greater purpose in life, something greater than yourself"