Thank you for holding our hand

  • I can't thank you enough for your donation. My studies were tension less just because of your kind help. Please know how much you've helped me and how appreciative I am of your kindness. (B.Com Student- Siddiqueabad, Khushab)”

    Hafiz Tariq Mahmood
  • Thank you for your kindness, generosity and time and effort that you put in to my studies not only to make me educated but also helped me to become something in my professional career. Thank you so much. (M.Com Student- Naushahra,Khushab)”

    Mumtaz Ahmed
  • I was in need of donation and thus approached you. But it was your kindness that you considered me and help me tremendously for my studies. Thank you so much. (BSc. Student- Joherabad)”

    Asad Aziz
  • I am writing to thank you for your kind support that I have received during my studies. I am deeply grateful to you for financially help to me. (MBA Student DI Khan)”

    Abdul Haseeb
  • I would have never done it without the generous support of SubhaSadiq. Thank you again for your thoughtful contribution towards my studies. (BDS Student- Dental College Lahore)”

    Muhammad Ayaz
  • Your generosity and commitment are invaluable towards me and my family. Your cooperation towards my studies proves that there are still people who will help deserving candidates. (MBBS Student- Nishtar Medical College Multan)”

    Shazia Shafee
  • I am so lucky to have you as a donor. Thank you for investing in my studies and InshAllah I will prove to be a good part of the society by your generous help. (MSc. Student- University of Sargodha)”

    Afzal Zaitoon
  • Thank you for your kind donation. Your caring support toward my educational aid made great difference not only in my life but also in my family. Thank you so much. (MBBS Student- Nishtar Medical College Multan) ”

    Fozia Shafee
  • I would like to thank you for your contribution towards my studies. I feel honored and blessed to be a part of this program. My studies would never be possible without your support. (BS Math Student- University Of Sargodha)

    Samina Mumtaz

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